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Foreign Currency Exchange


We use a currency trader when we purchase abroad, and we recommend you do the same.

Specialist currency traders regularly charge less than the street banks on currency transactions.


  • Banks: The high street banks usually charge commision and transfer fees, and also have higher exchange rates than a specialist currency trader. This means that your foreign currency transaction could cost you over 3% more than necessary.

  • Currency Traders: The currency traders commonly offer lower exchange rates, NO commission, and NO transfer fees. This way, an average currency transaction could cost you up to 4% less than the street banks.

  • How it works: It is a simple procedure as follows:- 1. You register with your preffered currency trader.   2. You aggree the exchange rate and the amount.      3. You transfer funds to be exchanged to the trader.  4. The trader exchanges and then forwards funds to the nominated account.


For more details and advice on how to benefit from foreign currency transactions, please contact us.








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