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Investors Welcome to Real Estate in Cyprus & Greece


There has not been a better time than present to invest in land and property in Greece and Cyprus. Land currently appreciates by more than 20% a year, and property by almost 25% a year.


Cyprus has just entered the European Market and has committed to adopting the EURO currency by 2007. Under the same circumstances, land and property prices in two other Mediterranean countries, Spain and Greece, have rocketed. The same will soon be happening to Cyprus.


The 'smart' investor knows the right time and place to invest for best investment returns.


We are actively looking for such investors to invest in our current and future projects, in Greece and Cyprus. We buy land, develop it into apartments, houses, or villas and then sell them to achieve considerable returns on investment. Our investors can take their returns away, or re-invest them with us.


  Invest in Land Develop Flats Houses for Sale/Let in Cyprus & Greece - Invest in Real Estate Property

Land & Property Investment Plans in Cyprus & Greece

1. Buy Land & Sell in 2/3 years (example): An anticipated 63.2% return on investment !!


2. Buy Land & make a "Retained Returns Aggreement" with the Developer (example):         An anticipated 98.11% return on investment !!


3. Buy to Sell Property (example): An anticipated 88.88% return on investment !!


4. Buy to Let Property (example): An anticipated annual rental return of 8.9% + an annual property appreciation of more than 20% !!


We favour option 2, embracing the lowest risk factor and attaining the highest returns on investment.

We invite serious investors to invest with us for such impressive returns on their investment !!



Intelligent Property Investments

For a well informed service, call Yannis on +44 (0) 77 6885 1313, or send us an email, or an online request. We will respond promptly and will endeavour to fullfil your specific requirements.