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Property Investments in Cyprus & Greece


Euro: Cyprus, having recently joined the European Market, has just adopted the EURO currency in January 2007. Under the same circumstances, land and property prices in two other Mediterranean countries, Spain and Greece, have increased dramatically. The same seems to be happening now to Cyprus.


Property: Land, in Greece & Cyprus, seems to appreciate steadily by more than 20% a year, and property by almost as much. This makes Greece & Cyprus a good and solid platform to invest in land and property in the current financial climate.



Land & Property Investment Examples


1. Buy Land & Sell in 2/3 years (Read More ...)

An anticipated 21% return on investment, per year !!


2."Retained Returns Aggreement"(Read More ...)

An anticipated 33% return on investment, per year !!


3. Buy-to-Sell Property (Read More ...)

An anticipated 40% return on investment, per year !!


4. Buy-to-Let Property (Read More ...)

An anticipated annual rental return of 8.5% + an annual property appreciation of almost 20% !!


5. Develop your own Home (Read More ...)

Long term investment which could return your initial investment many fold !!


We can make all that happen for you!!


Intelligent Investments: We actively seek to work with 'smart' investors and regularly achieve impressive returns on investments in such projects and lucrative ventures, in Greece and Cyprus.






Intelligent Property Investments

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